Make your Business Vision a reality

Sometimes we get distracted, we lose pace, and we need to go back to the base camp - to the budget objective. Then we correct, we advance, we look for opportunities or shortcuts to recover - same in the company as in the climb to the summit.

Doing business resembles climbing a mountain, budgets are stages of the ascent to the summit. When we push and drive the company to grow we face a series of challenges - many unpredictable. We encounter obstacles that we must overcome and we make decisions - some fast. We determine priorities and we must be prepared.

Do you face any of the following issues?

► The management team gets stuck

► Not enough cash to grow

► Lack of employee commitment

► Excessive customer turnover

► Lack of responsibility and accountability

Would you like your team to?

► Have clear goals and priorities

► Act focused on achieving the goals

► Make effective decisions

► Be suitable for business growth

► Be responsible and accountable

Drive your priorities for Scaling Up. Work towards achieving the goals, align the organization, make more effective decisions and at the same time rethink your Business Model, your Company Strategy and Execution Plan.

¿Cómo mantener la motivación en equipos de trabajo remotos?

Estoy invitado a participar en el lanzamiento de Átomo Eventos, compañía de Argentina. Tendré oportunidad de responder a las preguntas acerca de la motivación de los equipos de trabajo remotos y aprovechar para presentar mi libro El Pegamento de la Organizaciones #elpegamentodelasorganizaciones

The Organizations' Glue

«El Pegamento de las Organizaciones» es una guía para descubrir los valores, identificar el propósito de la compañía y buscar el objetivo a largo plazo, a través de un emocionante proceso en el que participan las personas de la organización y en el que se consigue que todas se vinculen a las actividades y a las decisiones del día a día.

«Living the Core Culture creates a belonging feeling essential for a personal and professional development. Lluís develops an easy and powerful way to discover the Core Culture within the company. The result is more commitment and people effectiveness, a fundamental for Scaling Up companies.»

Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)
and author of Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0.)

Scale Up Business

Using the Scaling Up Business Management Model (Rockefeller Habits 2.0), we work on the Four Major Areas of Decision-Making.


The most important decisions. With who I count on. How to attract top talent. How to build a team of leaders. How to make values live in your organization.


My skills. Who is my client. What is the purpose of the organization. What questions should we ask ourselves to develop the strategy.


How to align your company's goals, priorities, actions, and culture. How to increase team engagement. How to establish accountability, communication and a meeting schedule for decision making.


How to increase cash flow to strengthen growth. Where we spend unproductive money. How we leverage synergies to make more money.

Scale Up Business empowers you to accelerate a Sustainable and Profitable Growth with a proven and results-oriented methodology

Get better and faster results establishing clear responsibility and accountability

Develop a strategic competitive edge to establish a unique position in your market

See how your reputation and revenue grows when all your employees fully understand and embrace your company Brand Promise


4 Decisions
Scale Up your Business

Cash Flow
The Power of One

Business Models
Value Proposition

Sales Force
Assessment & Performance


Scale Up Business
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About Lluís Gras

For me, Happiness is everything that makes you feel good. Business achievements are part of happiness.
My personal goal is to help leaders achieve this part of Happiness related to their business achievements.

My Motto "Drive your priorities for Scaling Up" helps convince you that from all our business decisions, by just analyzing and executing those that are a priority in an ordered manner - we will achieve the goals.

My job is to help you discern this Order of Priorities according to your goals. I collaborate with Management Teams to focus, align and create an action framework towards commitment, accountability and a truly team work.

In short, my job is to help you make your Business Vision a Reality faster than you would with your team alone.

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