Scaling Up your Business

The 4 DECISIONS are the critical decisions that all companies must properly make to maximize their revenue, profitability and execution time.

Many CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Managing Directors and Management Teams have chosen this Business Management Model for their companies to achieve sustainable growth.

The 4 Decisions Model involves People, Strategy, Execution and Cash. It will empower you to make the right decisions in each of these areas. It will help you include priorities and KPIs in your Annual Budget which will lead your company to sustainable Growth . Business Coaches certified by Gazelles International Coaches are trained to use these tools to help you and your team focus on KEY decisions.

Does everyone in the company work and contribute according to their capabilities? If you were to start again, would you hire all of your current co-workers? When it comes to grow companies, the most difficult decisions are about people. We must properly identify the job positions and hire the right people for them.
"People" tools will help you on these matters, focusing on accountability. They are powerful tools that will help you align the team with the business goals and Strategy.

Does your company have a clear strategy that fuels your business growth? The key to grow is to know your key customer type, to develop a clear brand promise monitored by the correct indicators and to have a clear and defined goal - your BHAG®.
The Gazelles One-Page Strategic Plan is a unique document that will help you design the proper business strategy and have the entire management team focused on it.

Are you achieving the expected results? When it comes to growing businesses this is a particularly important challenge. How to effectively execute your strategy?
At Gazelles, we use the Rockefeller Habits Checklist. These habits are just a way to manage the company. We commit to the challenge of implementing the Rockefeller habits in your company.
These habits consist of clear rules, including: focusing on priorities, provision of the necessary data for effective decision-making and committing to a meeting schedule - daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual. Each meeting must have its own agenda and participants in order to streamline and ease communications and decision-making within the team.
Always considering the efforts that will highlight your corporate values - your brand and business key identifier.

Cash is the Challenge. The first and foremost business law says that growth needs money. We use the Complete Cash Cycle tool (CCC) to analyze your company processes and find out where and how to obtain liquidity - sales cycle, production and supply cycle, billing and collection cycle.
The best financing is internal financing. This tool will help you minimize external dependence and increase your business valuation by financial institutions and investors.

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