The Power of One

What is more important, Cash Flow or Profits?
If your company is growing, Cash Flow is more important.

When we look at a Balance Sheet and a P&L Account - the only numbers that are a fact are those related to cash. Banks knows it. Therefore, they analyze this item to assess your performance.

There are 4 factors from a financial perspective that determine whether banks and investors will invest in your business.

The Power of One tool helps you visualize how you can improve these six factors' results by modifying 1 p.p. , or in one day seven items of the balance sheet and operating account.

Through this tool we can assess in which of these seven items we can set an Action Plan and determine Priorities in order to improve in one or several p.p. or days of work.

  • What is the expected value?
  • Who is accountable for it?
  • How and when will it be done?

We need to define milestones and improvement indicators.

I will help you work with this tool, establish goals and adequate monitoring to achieve them.

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