Sales Force Assessment & Performance

The Four Key factors to succeed in Sales:
Will, Commitment, Accountability and Perspective

The Four Key Factors to succeed in Sales are: Will, Commitment, Accountability and Perspective.

We also identify the Five Major Weaknesses: Recognition Needs, Emotions, Beliefs, Purchasing Cycle and Speaking about money. Certain combinations of these weaknesses can neutralize individual skills and strengths, holding back sales.

We have a Sales Force Assessmenttool, developed by our partner Objective Management Group (OMG). This tool evaluates the Sales Team according to the 4 Key Factors in order to achieve commercial success. It provides us with individual and group insights to design and execute a Personalized Training Plan.

With the right help, an incentivized salesperson can substantially improve his or her Performance .

The combination of individual skills, revealed weaknesses and incentives to change allows us to assess the expected Growth Potential - the expected improvement results according to the business strategy.

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