Four Decisions – the meaning of the colours

I was wondering about the colors of the Four Decisions and try to have a meaning.

I’ve never heard anything about; perhaps you have an idea of why we use these colors for people, strategy, execution and cash,

At the beginning of the Workshops I ask the assistants to find which is the idea or meaning of the colors we use. They answers are really close to my previous idea. Always we learn something new.

This work is very interesting as introduction; the assistants are fresh and want to talk. I always have high participation on it. It gives momentum for starting.

A resume is:

PEOPLE – yellow-orange – means energy, warm color, people with energy is what the company needs

STRATEGY – blue – means wise and reasoning, cold color, we need to be cold thinking about the possibilities of incomes and growth, to get right thoughts to work

EXECUTION – brown – means earth, wood, dark color, organization and executing hard for having the results

CASH – green – means safety, fresh color, stability and resistance are needed for looking at the opportunities.

People like to know the meanings of why we use in our slides a determinate color and illustration. The emotional communications also comes from the sight. They will always remember.

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